Case Studies

Case Studies

Within the last 2years Teekay & Henry (TKH) have implemented over 10 ERP projects in Nigeria, and currently supports over 60 businesses across the country. Our experience spans Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Retail industries.
In the last 7 years, we have been involved in the following:
Working with business owners in setting up a new business structure (organogram), and reviewing existing ones. Understanding a business’s processes with a focus on the following:

  1. Sales Cycle
  2. Purchase Cycle
    Setting up and reviewing relevant reports for decision making:
  3. Daily Reports
  4. Income Statements
    Creating organizational workflows to enhance transparency and accountability:
  5. Store Management
  6. Material Requisition/Transfer

    ERP Implementation

    ERP Implementation

    Many businesses underestimate the need for an ERP, some cannot be bothered and would rather stick to the traditional accounting, HR, or other stand-alone systems like QuickBooks, etc. Others have tried ERP implementations and failed ( we have failed too). The Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) enables all units in an organization to work together to achieve a common goal. E.g., Accounting and HR need to work together to be effective, etc.

    At TKH, we help in the following areas:

    Evaluating the existing business structure -

  7. Organogram Review

  8. Stakeholder Review

    A review of cost centers and subsidiaries -

  9. Determining Cost Centers and formulas for cost center distribution

  10. Creating subsidiaries and intercompany transactions

    ERP implementation -

  11. Deploying the OyaSync ERP Software

  12. Taking into consideration People, Processes, and Systems

  13. People


    Employee roles and permissions (ERP Restrictions)

  14. Define employee roles within the organization and limit access to their job functions

    Employee Onboarding and it’s effect on the business process

  15. Equip employees with the necessary information and skills needed to succeed in their roles

    Operating Policies

  16. Workflow – notify individuals of assigned responsibilities and determine approval levels

  17. Leave – manage employee absences to enable proper planning

    Organogram Review

  18. Grade Levels

  19. Reporting Levels

  20. Processes


    At TKH we work with clients to ensure these 4 areas run smoothly:

    Sales Cycle

  21. Point of Sale – Customer – Reports

    Purchase Cycle

  22. Requisition – Warehousing – Vendors


  23. Policies – Responsibilities – Permissions


  24. End of Day Reports – Income Statements – Customized Dashboards